Hi Everyone,

I’m Brielle, a loving girlfriend and mom of one vivacious little girl who has so much life! I started this blog as a creative way to express myself and show you how I am doing this thing called life.

I decided to relaunch my blog in hopes of actually keeping up with it, I was terrible before. I do plan to update every week, and with the help of my readers, get some ideas on what you all would like to hear about, whether personal or professional. I did start by posting some old stuff, but new stuff is coming for sure!!

Before becoming a mom, I was just a bookworm. I went to school and worked. I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Morgan State University (GO BEARS!) and my Master of Science in Human Service Administration from the University of Baltimore. I had aspirations of becoming a Forensic Psychologist, however, life did not work out that way.

This is my journey as a mom, lover, recent graduate, & a soul needing guidance. We are all more alike than anyone will ever realize!

I hope you enjoy!

Follow me on social media: IG: ellaella_b   Snapchat: ellab8115




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