What’s Holding You Back

This morning I almost pulled myself to not go to church. I still had to finish my laundry, get myself together, get Zoe together, feed her all her breakfast, and on top of that I had a headache. That was me just making excuses.

None of that stopped us though. We made it this morning. I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a different church this morning. My baby clapped and danced, and felt right at home.

The message of the day was ‘A Second Chance’. God gave us a second chance, if he didn’t and gave up on us we wouldn’t be here today.

This morning I didn’t let fear get in my way, I did what was right, heard what I needed to hear, and for that I feel blessed.


2 thoughts on “What’s Holding You Back

    • Beaufort Williams says:

      As long as you are young, let nothing hold you back, what I would give to have twenty or thirty years of my youthful years. What really holds others back is a lack of desire to accomplish any goals in life. I have never given up on a dream or desire, if I fail to reach a goal, I would just start over that is how we avoid the same mistakes over and over, just keep pressing on towards your goal.

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