Everything Will Fall Into Place

Over the weekend I had a mini revelation. So as I’m on social media I ran across a blog post, The Day I Stopped Loving My Boyfriend So Much. Now, while I don’t put my boyfriend ‘first’ anyway (as some would believe that I should), I had to agree so much this posting.

The author discusses how we value other things more than we value our God. While we are steady valuing these other things over our God we tend to forget that people will fail us, He will not. When we put all our faith in people and objects that can always leave your life it’s like setting ourselves up for failure, since they can let you down.

God won’t do that. He will never put you in a situation that you cannot handle or you were not designed for.

For myself, I know that I put these unrealistic expectations on my boyfriend and when they are not achieved I get disappointed, not only with him but with myself as well.

In recent months I have been trying to become closer to God, put Him in my life and relationship more and more each day. I believe that by doing this and showing my boyfriend that I am serious about my faith and what I stand for then maybe he will change his outlook on different topics that we discuss.

I’ve always been in the church growing up. Most of us tend to go to church at a younger age because that is what our parents have instilled on us. It is not necessarily a choice of ours, but we know to go because that is what we were taught.

After speaking with a coworker of mine, she told me that when people are ready, and they experience different things in their life they will always go back to their faith and understand what it is God is doing and how He works. At that time you will have a better understanding of why you are in the situations that you are in and you will become closer to God (that’s what she said in a nutshell). It will be more than ‘I’m going to church because my mom is on the choir and my dad is a reverend’, it will be more than ‘this is how I was raised’. It will start meaning something to you.

For me that meaning is my daughter, my relationship, my well-being, and expanding my faith. I want to set a positive example for my daughter now so that when she does get to be 25 or earlier even, she will have already been in the church and understands Gods work and when she is ready she will relate that to her own life and understand and truly know her worth and what God has and will continue to do for her.

The biggest step is taking that action in order to make that necessary change. Once you change your outlook and ways, everything else will follow.

I’ve started to really pay attention to this lately. Praying more, trusting Him more, and leaving all of my troubles in His hands. I am changing each and every day. Whether it is seen by others, who knows, but who really cares because as long as I see a difference that is all that matters.

When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place.

Value God more, and all other voids will be filled. Don’t leave large expectations on other entities, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.




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