Back to Adulting

Becoming a mommy has definitely been both a gift and a curse for me. At times I can get very emotional, wanting to be left alone, with not a clue of what I’m supposed to be doing with my life or as a mother. Other days I am so upbeat, ready to go places, and be active. It is definitely a lot of ups and downs for sure. Between work, home, my relationship, and just the other hassles of life, it’s hard.

I have been searching for employment since before I got pregnant, inactively when I gave birth, but now it is way more active than before. Interview after interview, and nothing many times. Even though I really want a new job and to make more money, since I have a Masters degree that I don’t want to waste, I really don’t want to work full time. Not yet!! I want to be home with my baby. That’s really the hardest part. I have spent so much time with her the last 7 months, that I’m not quite ready.

Monday I will be getting back to adulting. Working a full time job, in addition to my part time job. I’m scared!! To get back in the swing of things will be difficult. Waking up early every morning and having to leave my girl all day will be tough. I am not extremely concerned because she will be with either sets of her grandparents (Thank God!), but to leave her for hours at a time!? My goodness!!

But, hey! I have to do what I must, as a mother. Especially a mother that has plenty of goals that need to be met. I look forward to the extra funds, they will definitely be useful in taking care of baby girl, paying bills, and doing other things.

Back to Adulting!!


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