Life, Anew. 

2015. What a year it has been thus far, as it is quickly approaching its ending point. January 4th I came to learn that I would be welcoming a little baby into this world September 2015 (what a way to bring in the new year). While estatic and elated of the news, I was still very nervous. Like, OH SHIT!! What the hell am I going to do — I graduate in a few months. Was I ready to be a mother? How is this going to work? What are my parents going to say? In my head all I could think about is how much I didn’t have my life together! Being brought up in a religious home, yet not too overzealous in their beliefs, I was very hesitant to tell my parents (especially since I live in their home). My boyfriend and I are currently not married, so I felt that would be an issue to them. I do actually care about what they think. Surprisingly, they took the news very well. Whew! They can be very strict at times, but over the years our relationship has become stronger and they have been very understanding of so much when it comes to my life. Not many people are blessed enough to have such a great bond with their parents. It is truly rewarding and a blessing nonetheless.

In addition to finding out we would be having a baby, I was in my last semester of graduate school. I received my Master of Science in Human Services Administration (which is just a fancy name for business administration in for-profit and non-profit organizations). I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, which I received in 2013. I’m not really sure what I’m doing, or what path I’m taking with my degrees. I have so many ideas. There are so many routes. I just haven’t figured it out yet. So many skills that I have, just not quite sure how to utilize them. Trying to find my niche, it can be difficult. At 25, I know that I am nowhere near where I could be, but what I do know that I am destined for great things. As long as I have goals and am working towards those goals, anything is possible. I am continuously learning patience, and always praying for the best!!!

This is my journey as a new mommy, significant other to my soulmate, recent graduate, & a soul needing guidance.

With Love,

Ella B.


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